what is a background check

What is a Background Check ?

What is a background check? There are many reasons why somebody might want to run a background check but we are focusing here on background checks run by employers on potential employees. Employers must run background checks on potential employees. This needs to be done to ensure all information provided by the candidate is accurate.…
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gdpr pre-employment screening

The Checkback GDPR questionnaire

Welcome to the latest in our series of articles on GDPR. In this installment we’re introducing you to our GDPR questionnaire, a handy excel sheet that will give you a guide to whether you need to take action on your data to avoid falling foul of the new regulations. You can download the sheet here…
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Employee Background Check UK

Employment background checks uk Why a UK background check is a key part of the hiring process.   Employee background checks in the UK are very common. Pre employment screening of potential employees is critical. This is to ensure you have a full and accurate view of who you are hiring. Employees are a major…
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GDPR – What you need to know.

There’s been a lot of noise around the subject of GDPR and it’s certainly true that for some businesses it will cause a fair amount of disruption but for the majority of firms it really doesn’t have to be the trauma that some are describing. Here at Checkback International we provide pre-employment background checks and…
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Airside pass – what qualifications will disqualify me?

Contractors and employees that work at an airport will need an Airside Pass.  To undergo a series of security checks to test their suitability. For those wishing to work in areas where they have the opportunity to come into contact with aircraft there will be even more stringent check that need to be undergone. People…
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airside pass requirements

Airside Pass Requirements

Airside Pass Requirements – What you need to know For people wishing to work in an airport Restricted Zone (RZ) they need to have met airside pass requirements and so hold a valid airside pass. The RZ or as it’s commonly known ‘Airside’ is the part of the airfield that deals with the servicing of…
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what is an airside pass

What is an airside pass?

What is an AirSide Pass If you are in the Airline industry, or if you are planning to apply then you will probably come across the term Airside Pass but what is an airside pass and how do you go about getting one? More so than most walks of life, airports have had to incrementally…
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Heathrow Airside Pass

Heathrow Airside Pass As Heathrow and other Airports around the UK grow, more and more personnel are needed to work unaccompanied in the restricted zone. To do this you need a Heathrow Airside Pass. Security on every level is critical for Airports and Heathrow been a major international hub takes its responsibilities very seriously. Ensuring…
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Human Resource Department

8 tips that could revive your Human Resource department

The Human Resource Department: When companies grow, and as people move on, the Human Resource department can often be left behind as the business concentrates on operational excellence.  Refreshing your HR department will not only make it more efficient it will also make sure that your people processes are adding value to the organisation as…
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CV fraud

CV fraud and what people lie about

CV Fraud & what people lie about It’s a bit of an old joke to say that people lie on their CV. However,  it’s one with more than a grain of truth as estimates of CV fraud top out at around 65%. So what is CV Fraud? Simply put, it is what people falsely claim…
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