what checks do you need to work in an airport

What checks do you need to work in an airport? 

Air travel is big business and airports are hives of activity, with arrivals and departures from global destinations and regional airports. While airports used to focus on travel with some hospitality outlets, they’ve now transformed into key retail and dining experiences that are so well developed that you could forget you’re in an airport at…
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cross border executive screening

Executive Background Checks – How far can these checks extend? 

Brexit may have made the process of cross-border employment slightly more bureaucratic, but talent continues to come to the United Kingdom for employment opportunities.  With so many different individuals coming from many different backgrounds – and some of your recruits may only ever work remotely – it remains important to know what type of person…
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how long does bs7858 vetting take

How Long Does BS7858 Vetting Take?

Have you wondered just how does long BS7858 vetting process takes?  At Checkback, we’re dedicated to expeddiating this process to ensure that we propel your checks through the vetting process, targeting 21 days to return your completed BS7858 checks to you and removing any blocks that could slow down your recruitment process.  Why does BS7858…
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what is the latest version of bs7858

What Is the Latest Version of BS7858? 

With the fast-paced nature of industry standards, it can be challenging to stay up to date. At Checkback, we have all the information you need know about what is the latest version of BS7858.  From the changes and updates that have been made since 2012, to the key features and compliance guidelines of the latest…
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What Are the Different Types of Security Screening in the UK

As you navigate the complex world of security screening, you may need to understand the different types of security screening in the UK. From background checks to financial inquiries, the many different types of screening measures and the levels which may be required for compliance can be overwhelming.  In this article, we will review different…
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why do people fail security vetting in the uk

Why Do People Fail Security Vetting in the Uk? 

Have you ever wondered why do people fail security vetting in the UK?   In this article, we will uncover the underlying factors that contribute to these failures, leaving you with a better understanding of the challenges that lie ahead.  From incomplete disclosures to questionable associations, the reasons behind failed security vetting can be both intriguing…
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Why Is Pre Employment Screening Important 

Why Is Pre Employment Screening Important 

Have you ever considered the true cost of a bad hire? It’s not just about monetary loss, it could take a toll on your resources, time, and morale.  Pre-employment screening has become an essential part of the hiring process, helping you to avoid these pitfalls. It’s your first line of defence, enabling you to verify…
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What Documents Are Required for BPSS Check

What Documents Are Required for BPSS Check? 

Did you know that a substantial number of people fail to get through their Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) check due to a lack of correct documentation? So What documents are required for BPSS Check? If you’re helping candidates to prepare for their pre-employment screening, it’s important that you’re well-informed about what documents are required…
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difference between bs7858 and bpss

What Is the Difference Between BS7858 and BPSS?

Legislated screening, including security vetting and employment checks can create a confusing landscape of options and choices. Dotted with acronyms and regulations, two vetting standards stand out for the majority of HR professionals that onboard to roles that require vetting: BS7858 and BPSS.  Important standards of secure clearance and vetting, what exactly sets them apart?…
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bs7858 proof of address

What Is Proof of Address for BS7858 ? 

If you’re an employer that needs to run a vetting check on a potential employee, you might need some information to help you get what you need from your candidate. You might ask what is proof of address for BS7858? Or what documents will I need to request from my candidate?  BS7858 is a key…
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