Employment Background Checks

Employment Background Checks

If you are looking for fast, cost-effective and fully secure employment background checks then you have come to the right place.

Checkback International is a market leader in helping businesses know more about their potential employees and stay on the right side of data protection law.

Our systems are integrated with the main credit agencies and the Disclosure and Barring Service to provide 24hr turnaround on many of our employment background checks. This enables us to check and verify candidate’s CVs quickly and accurately.

Our employee vetting procedures covers areas such as Airports (Airside Pass), Security(BS7858) and FCA compliance for working in the financial sector.

If you have any questions about outsourcing your employee vetting/employment background checks we are happy to help. Please ring 0144 281 6333 or fill in the Request A Callback form on this page and we will get right back to you.

We specialise in working with companies to provide them with a service that is tailored exactly to their requirements whether they simply want to run basic DBS checks or they are looking for a more comprehensive employee vetting procedure.

Our employment background check process covers one or more services from the following list.

Full CV verification

If your employment background check requires a full CV verification we will produce a written career history with copies of references that validate positions and experience.

Our highly experienced staff will analyse the references and provide the results to you in a professional report to support your hiring decisions and meet your company requirements.

Employment verifications

Have your potential recruits really worked where they say they have?

Did they really do the job that they say they did?

We are experts in verifying employment including the level of seniority and duties time in the role.

Depending upon your needs we can;

  • Carry out a 1 to 10 year employment history check, or last two employers (your choice)
  • Produce a career gap analysis
  • Provide a full range of customised employment history checks

Education Validation

If your recruits are claiming a certain level of education then you need to know that this is true.

We are able to contact further education establishments and ensure the accuracy of;

  • Attendance at the institution
  • Course completion
  • Verification of their Highest Educational Qualification
  • Verification of any professional memberships such as CIMA, RIBA, CIPD etc.

Employment Background Checks done in 24 hrs

  • Identity Verification (Passport, Birth Certificate, Photo ID Driver Licence)
  • Address Validation (Electoral roll, address history, undeclared addresses)
  • Financial Validation (see below)
  • Right to Work Validation (Visa and Work Permit)
  • Driving licence status validation
  • Property ownership verification
  • Phone listing check
  • Disqualified Directorship check against the list of disqualified directors (UK)
  • Company Directorship check at companies house
  • Character/professional references
  • Media search
  • Sanctions check including HM Treasury, OFAC
  • PEP List, Watch List (Interpol)
  • Financial Services Register

Financial checks can include all or some of the following within 24hrs

  • CCJ (County court judgments) validation
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency check
  • Credit history report
  • Notices of correction verification
  • FSA (Financial Services Authority) Register check
  • Bank of England Sanction Search
  • OFAC check USA Sanctions

Detailed background screening services for criminal record verification

  • Basic Disclosure (average turnaround less than 5days)
  • Standard DBS (Disclosure and Barring Services) check
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • International criminal records check

At Checkback International we use our bespoke, cutting-edge technology to ensure our employment background check service provides you with fast accurate results to support your hiring processes.

Don’t chance it – go with the experts!

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