Contractors, Temporary/Permanent Staff Vetting

Contractors, Temporary/Permanent Staff Vetting

We conduct all pre-employment compliance checks on your behalf so your business is not exposed to the many risks of being a recruiter:

  • Breach of contract
  • Loss of reputation
  • Competitive disadvantage to those agencies that deliver it properly
  • High costs and fines associated with consequential hiring decisions
  • Litigation

This is why at the Vetting Solutions Centre we use the latest technology to turnaround the screening faster than our competitors and more cost effectively too. Our software is integrated with the credit agencies so we retrieve credit, ID and right to work checks in a few minutes. References are sent all over the world and tracked to ensure we get them back in record time. As a recruiter or a HR manager you are increasingly required to carry out background checks on every candidate. VSC ensures these checks meet the requirements of your client including international criminal and credit checks. Our online application portal, offers a unique experience that ensures an efficient, accurate and innovative service from just £75.

Screening of contractors, temporary and permanent staff

Check our services on our pre-employment vetting page:

  • Full CV Verification
  • 24hr Screening checks (Right to work, driving licence, sanctions, FSA, PEP list, directorship check, Address validation, Identity verification, etc.)
  • Financial checks (CCJ, FSA, OFAC, credit history, and much more)
  • Criminal Record (Basic Disclosure, Standard Disclosure in 48 hours, Enhanced Disclosure in a few days)

Choose Vetting Solutions Centre for the quality of our services

  • A more cost-effective solution than carrying out background checks in-house
  • A consistent and auditable process to guarantee your clients satisfaction
  • Compliance with industry standards including FCA/PRA
  • Fast turnaround
  • Online application via an online portal or alternatively we can provide you with paper application forms or use yours
  • Fast delivery of a professionally completed electronic candidate screening report to complete the compliance process.

Heres what our clients are saying

“Many thanks for this Joey. I’m very happy with your performance and intend to send all future screening business your way”

Simon Cullen
Chief Compliance Officer
“Checkback vetting team are hands-on with client and candidate to ensure smooth screening process throughout. I have used the team for various comprehensive screening (UK and International) which have all been completed successfully. Checkback also offer a tailored service according to our specifications for screening which is very much driven by end client User friendly online portal to operate for the screening We receive Regular status updates on the vetting per candidate which in turn helps us provide our client with a clear outline of when we can expect the report to be concluded. At Cloudstream; we are very satisfied customers and always refer to Checkback as our screening partner”


Bhavna Dooman

I just checked status of our first candidate on your system. Very impressed, exactly what I was looking for. Makes the previous company look like they are in the dark ages!

Gary Docherty
Director, Recruitment Services, Goodacre Limited
Vetting Solutions Centre, Suite E14, IMEX Building, 575-599 Maxted Road, Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom, HP2 7ED

Tel: 0144 281 6333

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