FCA/ PRA Compliance Checks

An FCA Check fully compliant with the FCA & PRA

fca checkWe supply an FCA check that is  detailed, fast, cost effective and that meets the requirements of the FCA and PRA on your behalf.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) , now divided into the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, requires a detailed FCA check that includes screening processes for the verification and registration of regulated and non-regulated employees covering; honesty, integrity, reputation, competence, and capability.

In the FCA handbook, the Financial Conduct Authority indicates that “background checks should be proportionate and risk-based and should be repeated or on-going where appropriate, for example for staff in high risk roles”. Vetting Solutions Centre ensures our FCA checks offer you the  best screening service to comply with the FCA’s requirements.

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Our services have three levels that will help companies at different points in the FCA regime;

  1. FCA level 1 – Basic which covers most roles within an FCA regulated business
  2. FCA level 2 – Standard and for senior FCA controlled functions only
  3. PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)

FCA level 1 screening

For FCA regulated firms, the FCA suggests that there are security measures taken that are proportionate to the risk involved.

From an employment point of view, this means that firms need to ensure that their staff are suitable and can comply with the requirements of honesty, integrity, financial soundness and competence and capability.

We recognise that for many employees in a regulated firm the risk of harm is relatively low and to this end we have developed a comprehensive yet cost-effective, fast and efficient service.

Our FCA level 1 check has the benefit of providing the employer with confidence that the person they are making a job offer to will be suitable from the compliance point of view.

FCA level 2 screening

For higher-level employees, the FCA has now brought in its SMCR regime. You can find out more about the scheme here [internal link]

The scheme is designed to ensure that those directing the work of the company are of the highest personal integrity and that they are held responsible for the failings of the firm.

Our level 2 check is a response to the needs of SMCR both for controlled positions and for the certificated roles.

The service includes enhanced reference checks, a much more detailed DBS check, more qualification checks and a Media Scanning service which will help satisfy the personal integrity criteria.

Whilst it costs more, the confidence it gives the employer is immense and we still feel that it provides excellent value for money.

PCI compliance screening

The PCI DSS is a mandatory security standard that is designed to protect customers during card processing.

This covers all aspects of the process from telephone recordings to software to data protection and of course the staff that are involved.

Our PCI compliance screening service enables your organisation to satisfy the requirement of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for your employees, contractors or temporary staff.

Organisations involved in card processing must ensure that they carry out background checks on all staff prior to them starting work and this applies to permanent and temporary employees as well as contractors and consultants.

The PCI standard mandates that screening must include employment history, criminal record, credit history, and reference checks.

At Checkback we are able to help you comply with the standard by using our PCI service which offers

An FCA Check from the Vetting Solutions Centre includes

  • 5 years history reference checks
  • FCA register (controlled position) regulatory reference
  • Gap Analysis – gaps over 31 days covered with a gap reference
  • Highest Qualification check
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Professional Memberships
  • 6 -year UK /IRE Financial Check
  • Bankruptcy/insolvency
  • CCJ’s
  • Credit Score
  • Electoral Roll
  • Anti-Fraud Checks
  • UK BOE Sanctions Search & Money Laundering Check
  • FCA register search
  • OFAC – Special Designated Nationals lists
  • Directorship search
  • Property Ownership
  • Identity Checks
  • Verification of the MRZ code on right to work & Proof of ID documents
  • Proof of address checked against details & credit check
  • Proof of ID
  • Right to Work
  • Criminal Record Checks UK & Europe
  • European criminal Record Check – 25 of 28 EU states currently co-operating
  • Basic Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS Check)
  • Previous 3 years employment verification
  • Criminal record check (Basic Disclosure)
  • Credit, insolvency and bankruptcy search
  • Proof of ID
  • Proof of Address

We think you’ll agree that this is an exceptionally comprehensive list of tests to make sure your employees are of the highest standard.

The good news is that some of the items are things that you would need to do anyway as part of the employment process so by using our service you can save yourself time to do more important jobs.

At level 2 we include a standard DBS check, 10 years of reference history, top 3 Educational attainment checks and a full media search.

Our level 2 check is a market-leading service and one that we designed specifically with the SMCR regime in mind.

For extra peace of mind we can even add in bespoke aspects such as a Client Specific Fitness & Probity Declarations Statements or European wide criminal records checks.

If you are working in an area that requires FCA compliance then give us a call now. We’ll talk you through the options available and show you how we can help.

Choose Vetting Solutions Centre for the quality of our FCA Check Services.

  • An FCA check from Vetting Solutions is a  more cost-effective solution compared to an FCA check carried out in-house
  • Consistent and auditable process to ensure fairness
  • Compliance with the FCA and PRA guidelines
  • Fast turnaround process. Provisional screening is carried out within five days to ensure a fast hiring decision can be made followed by a comprehensive written report within 10 days.
  • Online applications via an online portal or alternatively we can provide you with paper application forms.
  • Fast delivery of a professional candidate screening report to support hiring process and complete the employee HR file.

Heres what our clients are saying

Dear Joey and David,

Thank you very much for this round of BPSS clearances. All completed well in advance of project start for us which is right after Easter holidays. Well done.

That concludes this process. I am sure we will used you again when we have new such cases in the future.

Cato Stoll
Managing Director Miko Marine Norway

“Many thanks for this Joey. I’m very happy with your performance and intend to send all future screening business your way”

Simon Cullen
Chief Compliance Officer
CheckBack International have made the whole process of screening security operatives and employees so much easier and quicker


Ailie Elliott

I’ve used CheckBack International for security screening on behalf of my clients for nearly a year. I can’t even begin to explain how much simpler the whole process is now, in comparison to doing this in-house. I’ve had the privilege of dealing with Joey personally on several occasions, as well as the VERY competent Nicola Beels in the UK office. My clients in the security industry are safe in the knowledge that they are fully compliant with standards, through the use of CheckBack. I’m happy to recommend Joey and his team at CheckBack.

I just checked status of our first candidate on your system. Very impressed, exactly what I was looking for. Makes the previous company look like they are in the dark ages!

Gary Docherty
Director, Recruitment Services, Goodacre Limited
Our company have been using VSC for a number of years, the friendly and professional service we consistently receive from them is excellent. The service they provide is quick, efficient and the screening checks are tailored to our specific needs, which is exactly what our company was looking for to cover our BS7858 security vetting requirements. VSC provide a really personal service, for example, if things at first appearance don’t seem right they’ll call and ask for additional information and evidence rather than take the easy option of simply “failing”, the vetting, which was our experience of previous companies. Their completed screening reports are easy to read and well presented. We would have no hesitation in recommending VSC to other companies.


Gary Dudley
Chroma Vigilant
“Checkback vetting team are hands-on with client and candidate to ensure smooth screening process throughout. I have used the team for various comprehensive screening (UK and International) which have all been completed successfully. Checkback also offer a tailored service according to our specifications for screening which is very much driven by end client User friendly online portal to operate for the screening We receive Regular status updates on the vetting per candidate which in turn helps us provide our client with a clear outline of when we can expect the report to be concluded. At Cloudstream; we are very satisfied customers and always refer to Checkback as our screening partner”


Bhavna Dooman

Thanks for this, This has already proven to be so much more efficient than the F20 form! I really value all of your help as well as that of the screening team. The compliance team and myself are extremely happy to be working with Checkback International.
Thanks again!

Katie Hind,
International Candidate Manager, Prospero Teaching

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