Candidate Process

Candidate Process



Who we are

Checkback International as a Vetting Solutions Centre (VSC), is widely recognised as a pioneer of the UK Vetting  sector and one of Europe’s most experienced pre-employment vetting service providers. For the most part, we work with UK and Irish based Human Resource teams within the Financial Services, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Airline and Security sectors.


We conduct quality-driven pre-employment and background screening services using a proprietary process that complies with the Data Protection Act for all European Member states. We understand the importance of your privacy and will only start the Checkback process with your full signed and witnessed consent.  Typical services include, Educational verification, employment verification (dates and position) and mini character reference interviews with past employers. It will be obvious from your online Checkback form what information we are required to verify by your Recruitment Team, however if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are a quality assured service provider whose primary task is to assist you complete this stage of your recruitment process.


What questions do we ask referees?

Our screening teams will not necessarily stick to any particular questionnaire template when seeking references, but depending on the position will always at least look to verify position and title held.

How candidate data is stored and managed

Checkback database is a multi-level security model that limits each grade of user to access only data they are authorised to see. This is controlled by the PASS automated vetting system. PASS relevant data bases are password protected at both server and at application level i.e. they are dual password protected. Reference documents can be encrypted before dispatch accessible only through a secret password where required.

VSC processes – How long is data stored? 

All candidates’ details are deleted from our servers/files within one calendar month of report sign off. Exceptions to this must be requested in writing by Client candidates. All emails are purged from servers once quarterly. VSC is a paperless process, no hard copy data is used or stored.

VSC processes – Who would have access to this information?

Client, Client candidates, VSC senior account Management, client specific screening staff & key account managers in Innovise PLC (System Support Team). When Checkback candidates report is complete and returned to client, candidates details are removed automatically from workbench in PASS where all aforementioned users lose access and visibility to candidates data.

A full automated audit report is already in place and at no extra costs to clients. Here clients can confirm specific edits, reviews on data entry on vetting system and servers.

All emails are purged from database once quarterly.

Access rights and risks

You the candidate can access your Checkback report at any stage of the process. For compliance and security reasons, all such request must be received in writing with proof of id enclosed and quoting your Checkback number which the recruiting organisation can make available to you*. Once your report is complete, access rights are removed from ALL (non senior management) Checkback researchers and visibility/access is lost to all correspondence/reports related to your screening.

*because of volume issues,  a nominal admin fee may apply to such requests

How you assist Checkback complete a quality Checkback on your CV

Always remember, that we are here to verify the details on your Checkback online form as factually correct or otherwise. We do not investigate  nor judge  and you can not pass or fail your Checkback. Candidates should always look on their Checkbacks experience  as an opportunity to put themselves ahead in the recruitment process. We are here to assist you in achieving this. Many client recruitment decisions may simply come down to the the final candidates Checkback report. Primarily, an honest report, with all data verified as factually correct regardless of its content is most important. It is worth noting, that VSC researchers will also make their own comments on these reports as they work their way through the process, highlighting candidates willingness to assist etc.  In brief, you should;


  1. Ensure you provide all correct details on your on line application form
  2. Ensure you use both your maiden and married name on application form
  3. Providing us with exact dates and education or job descriptions  will help us complete your Checkback quicker than others applying for same position.
  4. Only supply us with details that you want us to verify
  5. Always give exact detail, do not be creative. If you did not complete the degree, state studies undertaken as opposed to Award achieved. We will simply verify the information you provided as factually correct
  6. Remember, the Checkbacks that are more than likely going to stand out for recruitment managers, are the ones that prove 100% factually correct and have researcher notes stating how co-operative candidate has been through screening process.


Thank you for taking the time to review our process, if you need any assistance or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at If you have any opinion on how we could improve your Checkback experience, we would be delighted to receive your feedback. This can be submitted anonymously to

May I also take this opportunity to wish you the very best of luck in your new position

Joey Lyons

General Manager