BPSS Clearance

BPSS Clearance – Who needs it?

A BPSS clearance check is a legal requirement for UK civil servants, members of the UK armed forces and any government contractors. In addition to this, it is also a requirement for anybody applying for NSV security clearance.

What does BPSS stand for?

BPSS stands for Baseline Personnel Security Standard.

To get BPSS Clearance you will need to undergo a BPSS Check. A BPSS check is a UK background check that was created to help reduce the risk of illegal workers and tackle identity fraud.

It is seen as a procedure to help protect national security so individuals cannot apply for BPSS Clearance on themselves, only an employer can apply to have a BPSS check performed.

Checkback is currently vetting to the standard of BPSS in over 134 countries.

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BPSS Check – What is checked?

There are 4 elements to a BPSS check and candidates must pass all to get their BPSS clearance certificate.

The 4 elements are often referred to as RICE.

1) Right to work — we check if candidates are entitled to take up the position as well as check their nationality and immigration status.
2) Identity — full ID check.
3) Criminal records — BPSS is not the same as a DBS but as part of the checks, we perform a Basic Disclosure
4) Employment history check — confirmation of past three years of employment (minimum) history/activity.

If candidates have spent 6 months or more overseas in the last 3 years they must declare that as well.

We have offices in multiple European countries and can easily perform the required  International Criminal Record checks.

How long does it take to get BPSS clearance?

Manually checking all of the elements of a BPSS can be time-consuming and will inevitably delay any hiring process, that’s why we have developed our proprietary system that speeds this up. Checkback provides a fast and efficient BPSS service that takes away the hassle and is quality assured so that you know that the results are going to be accurate and GDPR compliant.

We aim to get any standard UK based employee BPSS check completed within 3-5 days and we can meet this for most overseas workers too.

Naturally, the more complex a person’s work history is then the longer it will take.

BPSS – how long do they last?

Strictly speaking, there is no expiry date on a BPSS check for UK citizens.

As long as the individual remains employed by the same company then the BPSS can be kept in place indefinitely. This is also true if the person leaves their service but returns within a year.

Where people transfer between companies then the new employer can in some circumstances accept an existing BPSS but given that employers are legally required to carry out most of the elements including ID, right to work and immigration status checks then it makes sense to simply get the whole thing done again and will usually be quicker.

For foreign nationals, parts of the BPSS are covered under immigration and right to work legislation.

This means that although the BPSS as a whole remains in place, employers need to check the immigration status of the person concerned before their existing right to work expires or every twelve months, whichever is sooner.

BPSS Clearance Cost

BPSS level screening is charged at different rates depending on what is required. We have a fee for a full report including history and references.

If you want a BPSS without a DBS check then the cost of BPSS Clearance is reduced

Prices include a maximum of 5 employment references. We do add a small charge per reference thereafter but this shouldn’t be an issue for a 3-year employment history check.

If you fill in the form you see on this page we will email you our costs.

BPSS Certificate

On completion of the required checks, a candidate will be deemed to have BPS Security Clearance. At this point, a BPSS Certificate is issued.

BPSS clearance is a legal requirement and so it is important you are compliant. Vetting Solutions Centre has the experienced staff to provide fast and accurate BPSS security clearance for your company.

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What our customers say

Dear Joey and David,

Thank you very much for this round of BPSS clearances. All completed well in advance of project start for us which is right after Easter holidays. Well done.

That concludes this process. I am sure we will used you again when we have new such cases in the future.

Cato Stoll
Managing Director Miko Marine Norway

“Many thanks for this Joey. I’m very happy with your performance and intend to send all future screening business your way”

Simon Cullen
Chief Compliance Officer
CheckBack International have made the whole process of screening security operatives and employees so much easier and quicker


Ailie Elliott