BS7858:2019 Security Vetting

BS7858:2019 Security Vetting

BS7858:2019 is the standard for pre-employment screening in the UK security industry.

If you want to employ staff to carry out security guarding, whether that be at a music festival, a sports event or outside a nightclub then as part of the recruitment process you should carry out checks on their background. Whilst this is not required for the issue of an SIA licence, it would be a foolhardy employer who took on people without doing thorough background checks.

In addition to security guarding, the standard also covers people working in allied areas such as CCTV operators, alarm installers, secure shredding operatives and ancillary staff who may have access to sensitive information.

Set by the British Standards Institute, the checks are seen as the very minimum required to protect members of the public against rogue operators in the manned guarding sector.

It is important to note that the original BS7858:2012 has been replaced with the new BS7858:2019 standard and you can read about what has changed by clicking here.

Vetting checks required to comply with BS7858:2019

To comply with the Security Screening British Standard BS7858:2019 the following checks are required:

  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Right to Work
  • 5-year credit and financial check (find out more about our financial checks) with address history verification
  • 5-year career references (10 years are available on request)
  • All career gaps over 31 days must be covered by evidence documents, covering the beginning, middle, and end of each gap
  • Verification of SIA License and/or a criminal record check where the candidate does not need an SIA License e.g. alarm engineer or secure shredding operative

As you can see the requirements are comprehensive and designed to give both members of the public and the employer confidence in the suitability of the candidate to become a security operative.

Any company could carry out this work themselves however if you are not experienced in the process it can take a lot of time that could be better spent working on your business!

Add to this the fact that a lot of personal information is collected, processed and stored and you can see that from a GDPR and data protection standpoint it could become a nightmare.

This is where The Vetting Solutions Centre comes in.

Choose Vetting Solutions Centre for service, speed and security

It’s true to say that the checks required to comply with BS7858:2019 are somewhat onerous so it makes sense to outsource the task to a specialist.

We pride ourselves in the service levels we deliver and our fully trained and experienced staff can also advise you on the best way to manage your background checking process.

Our service gives you;

  • A more cost-effective solution than carrying out background checks in-house
  • A consistent and auditable process ensuring compliance with BS7858:2019
  • Fast turnaround
  • Application via a totally secure online application form
  • Fast delivery of a professional electronic screening report for the employee HR file

At Vetting Solutions Centre, we use the latest technology to provide you with fast, accurate screening services to support your hiring processes. The cost is very competitive and we can have you up and running within hours.

When vetting is complete we provide you with a quality candidate report that meets the requirements of the SIA and other industry bodies. Our electronic candidate report contains everything you need to satisfy your auditors and the Approved Contractor Scheme.

The process is completed using our proprietary vetting system that has been built from the ground up to give you a secure environment that is 100% compliant with GDPR and data protection requirements.

The best thing is that you don’t even have to get involved. Give us the name and email address of your candidate and we’ll do the rest.

Call us now for BS7858:2019 help

We provide the fastest and most cost-effective BS7858:2019 vetting for you.

If you have any questions at all please call us on 0144 281 6333 or fill in the Request  A Callback form and we will get right back to you.

If you have a vetting backlog we will give that top priority for you and handle it in the strictest confidence.


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