International Criminal Record Checks

Turn around between 5 – 10 working days.

International Criminal Record

European/International Criminal Record Check can be run by Checkback for all individuals with a European Address history for 6 months or more. Checkback through our network of subsidiary and associated offices, have opened up International Criminal Record Checks across all continents for hundreds of clients and thousands of applicants. Where it is compliant to local Data Protection Legislation, we have access.

What does this mean for Individuals/Organisations?  applicants with an Irish address history are no longer disadvantaged in the recruitment process where Criminal record screening is required and turnaround times deemed critical. Organisations are no longer prejudiced when tendering beyond Irish borders and where ‘CRC’s’ are considered a critical part of any proposal.   Official turnaround times are 21 working days, however to-date all European Criminal record checks have a turnaround time closer to 05 working days regardless of candidates address history.

International Criminal Record Checks – from £40.00

Heres what our clients are saying

Dear Joey and David,

Thank you very much for this round of BPSS clearances. All completed well in advance of project start for us which is right after Easter holidays. Well done.

That concludes this process. I am sure we will used you again when we have new such cases in the future.

Cato Stoll
Managing Director Miko Marine Norway

“Many thanks for this Joey. I’m very happy with your performance and intend to send all future screening business your way”

Simon Cullen
Chief Compliance Officer

I’ve used CheckBack International for security screening on behalf of my clients for nearly a year. I can’t even begin to explain how much simpler the whole process is now, in comparison to doing this in-house. I’ve had the privilege of dealing with Joey personally on several occasions, as well as the VERY competent Nicola Beels in the UK office. My clients in the security industry are safe in the knowledge that they are fully compliant with standards, through the use of CheckBack. I’m happy to recommend Joey and his team at CheckBack.

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