Charity DBS checks

What do charities need to know about DBS checks?

DBS checks can often seem like overkill for the third sector, but it’s not a thing that you should take lightly or ignore and hope that it will go away. Whilst there is no legal requirement for every charity to check every person, many are required to by law and others may choose to do…
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Can I get an enchanced DBS check for myself?

Good question but No you can’t ask get an enhanced dbs check done on yourself? Only organisations and licensing bodies can apply for a dbs check, You can of course as an individual apply for a basic disclosure. If you work for yourself, are self employed and need to get an enhanced DBS check done…
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Working at a desk during covid

How COVID has changed recruitment and background checks

COVID has been a difficult time for most companies and here at Checkback, we’re no exception. As well as coping with the closing of our offices and move to remote working we have also had some significant shifts in recruitment activity and vetting with our many customers. In this post, we wanted to give you…
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social media checks

Is doing a social media check on employees a good idea?

It seems like Social Media is everywhere at the moment and it is a rare employer indeed who hasn’t wondered whether they should be doing social media checks as part of their pre employment screening on their new employees but is this a good idea? In this post, we’re looking at the whole issue of…
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An adverse SMCR Screening? What should you do?

What should we do with SMCR adverse screenings?

When performing and FCA check the majority of pre-employment screenings come back absolutely fine but if you are an FCA regulated firm and one of your candidates for an SMCR controlled post has an adverse finding then what do you do? The FCA has produced guidance for managers and employers regarding this issue and so…
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BSI 7858 2019 changes

BS7858:2019 what has changed from the 2012 standard

BS7858:2019 – changes to the standard BS7858 was last updated in 2012. This year the British Standards Institution has released a new edition BS7858:2019.  This has brought the standard up to date and features a number of changes. We believe this is the absolute minimum you should be looking for from your background screening company…
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What are the five elements of a BPSS?

If you are a busy HR professional who has taken over responsibility for ensuring BPSS clearance for a potential employee who has to provide information for a BPSS check you may be wondering what they include. We’ve written this post to identify the five key elements and give you a little bit of information around…
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Is BPSS suitable for private sector companies?

The Baseline Personnel Security Standard or BPSS is the government standard background check for civil servants, armed forces and contractors. As such you may well feel that it has little of relevance for the private sector but you may be surprised at how useful and relevant it really is. What is a BPSS? The BPSS…
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Is BPSS the same as DBS

SoThe short answer is that a DBS is not the same as a BPSS. A BPSS may include a DBS as it can form a part of the verification procedure. When you apply for a job it is possible you may be asked to complete either a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or a Baseline…
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BS7858 ‘Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment

BS7858 Security Vetting BS7858 is the UK standard for vetting of people employed in the security sector. It is set by the British Standards Institution. It was recently updated in 2019. In the UK over the past 10 years there has been much movement in the area of background checks .BS7858 screening is being introduced to ensure…
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