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IDVT Checkback to become IDSP

COVID right to work checks extended

The UK Home office has made the welcome announcement that the adjustments to Right to Work checking will now continue until 30th September 2022. This means that employers doing employee background checks  were going to be forced to go back to a physical check of identity documents will now be able to continue using the…
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Changes to right to work April 2022

Right to work and biometrics – the new rules

There are new rules coming into force for employers regarding the right to work scheme and it is important that you apply them. From April 6th 2022, there are changes to Right to Work (RTW) for all UK employers and failure to follow these could result in a breach. In this post, we are looking…
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Digital identity checking

IDVT and the digital identity future

In December 2021 the UK government announced its intention to make digital identity-checking available for employers and landlords. This means that employers of all sizes and landlords, whether they be large housing associations or private individuals with just a single property can use a registered IDentity Service Provider (IDSP) to run their background checks. The…
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