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IDVT Checkback to become IDSP

COVID right to work checks extended

The UK Home office has made the welcome announcement that the adjustments to Right to Work checking will now continue until 30th September 2022. This means that employers doing employee background checks  were going to be forced to go back to a physical check of identity documents will now be able to continue using the…
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Changes to right to work April 2022

Right to work and biometrics – the new rules

There are new rules coming into force for employers regarding the right to work scheme and it is important that you apply them. From April 6th 2022, there are changes to Right to Work (RTW) for all UK employers and failure to follow these could result in a breach. In this post, we are looking…
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BSI Certifcate of Registration

Checkback Interntional have been assessed by BSI against international recognised standards showing our commitment to quality, reliability and continual improvement. We hold certificate number:  FS 726564 and operate a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the following scope: The provision of screening and vetting services. Download our BSI certificate…
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UK Jobs market tightens as COVID recovery gathers pace

As the UK emerges from a series of COVID lockdowns, it has been surprising to see that the predicted rise in unemployment hasn’t yet appeared. Contrary to many analysts’ predictions, employers are now reporting skills shortages with difficulties recruiting and retaining good quality staff. So what can employers do if they need to expand their…
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BS7858 ‘Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment

BS7858 Security Vetting BS7858 is the UK standard for vetting of people employed in the security sector. It is set by the British Standards Institution. It was recently updated in 2019. In the UK over the past 10 years there has been much movement in the area of background checks .BS7858 screening is being introduced to ensure…
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Airside pass – what qualifications will disqualify me?

Contractors and employees that work at an airport will need an Airside Pass.  To undergo a series of security checks to test their suitability. For those wishing to work in areas where they have the opportunity to come into contact with aircraft there will be even more stringent check that need to be undergone. People…
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what is an airside pass

What is an airside pass?

What is an AirSide Pass If you are in the Airline industry, or if you are planning to apply then you will probably come across the term Airside Pass but what is an airside pass and how do you go about getting one? More so than most walks of life, airports have had to incrementally…
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Human Resource Department

8 tips that could revive your Human Resource department

The Human Resource Department: When companies grow, and as people move on, the Human Resource department can often be left behind as the business concentrates on operational excellence.  Refreshing your HR department will not only make it more efficient it will also make sure that your people processes are adding value to the organisation as…
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CV fraud

CV fraud and what people lie about

CV Fraud & what people lie about It’s a bit of an old joke to say that people lie on their CV. However,  it’s one with more than a grain of truth as estimates of CV fraud top out at around 65%. So what is CV Fraud? Simply put, it is what people falsely claim…
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Employee vetting – it’s not just criminal history you need to check.

When thinking about doing  pre employment checks of potential employees, business often only think about making sure they haven’t got a criminal record but there’s more to an employee background check than that. Companies can face severe difficulties if it turns out that an employee’s CV isn’t quite what it was cracked up to be…
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