What is a Background Check ?

what is a background check

What is a background check?

There are many reasons why somebody might want to run a background check but we are focusing here on background checks run by employers on potential employees.

Employers must run background checks on potential employees. This needs to be done to ensure all information provided by the candidate is accurate. Also in many cases, employers are legally obliged to run background checks.

The answer to the question what is a background check is the same for all employers but the answer to the follow on question  what is checked in a UK employee background check will vary depending on the job been filled.

The following handy guide will outline why people run background checks but will also show what is checked depending on the job on offer.


what is a background check

what is a background check

Now you know what is a background check and more importantly what comes up in a background check. Employers need to have a good reason to do a background check. The UK law is very clear on what can be checked. This article on Checks employers can make on job applicants  is worth reading.