Airside Pass Requirements

airside pass

Airside Pass Requirements – What you need to know

For people wishing to work in an airport Restricted Zone (RZ) they need to have met airside pass requirements and so hold a valid airside pass.

The RZ or as it’s commonly known ‘Airside’ is the part of the airfield that deals with the servicing of the aircraft and all of the ancillary tasks that go alongside this from the more obvious fueling and baggage handling to handling the goods for duty-free shops.

What is an Airside Pass? An airside pass is a form of guarantee that the person working there has had their background checked and can prove that they are who they say they are and are of good character. So to work at Heathrow you will need a Heathrow Airside Pass and the same for other UK airports.

Generally speaking, an employer will apply for an airside pass on behalf of their employees or prospective employees. The checks are then carried out by an independent company such as The Checkback Group Vetting Solutions Centre.

Although the checks themselves may seem fairly simple it’s important that they are carried out professionally and thoroughly and not fudged. The consequences of allowing the wrong people access to aircraft that may soon carry hundreds of people don’t bear thinking about. For that reason you must ensure all staff meet airside pass requirements.

What gets checked to ensure you meet the Airside Pass requirements

The checks that need to be done are fairly straightforward for the majority of employees. They include;

  • ID checks – is the person who they say they are?
  • Criminal record checks – do they have a criminal conviction and is it a disqualifying one?
  • Work history – have they worked with the companies and in the positions on their CV?
  • Credit checks – are they in a position where undue influence could be brought to bear?

The checks can range from simple and speedy for most employees to the somewhat more difficult cases where the specialist knowledge that the Vetting Solutions Centre can bring to bear will pay dividends.

One typical issue that turns up is where a potential recruit has gaps in their work or study history. Any gaps of more than 28 days will need to be explained.

A gap, however, isn’t just a period of unemployment. Those who have had periods where they were self-employed, on an extended holiday or caring for a relative will still need to provide proof and referencing to explain the time out of the employed workforce.

`Proof of address is needed for applicants for the last five years and in the main where people have had a stable address, this isn’t a problem. Of course, the Airline industry is often an itinerant one and applicants may have worked at different locations around the world for periods in the recent past.

Proof will need to be sought that they did indeed live where they say and with the worldwide reach of the Vetting Solutions Centre, we can obtain the required proofs quicker than you would expect.

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