Workplace Disputes

Workplace Disputes

From time to time companies call the Vetting Solutions Centre for help with employee disputes, usually to ask if we can provide evidence about an employee’s background in an attempt to help them gain advantage in forthcoming litigation. Litigation can be enormously costly in terms of money spent, time and energy lost, and relationships destroyed. The new Jackson Reforms help companies to avoid these costs by offering mediation instead of litigation. Mediating disputes instead of going to court can avoid expensive legal bills.

Workplace mediation offers important benefits to employers and employees alike. It provides fast, creative, mutually satisfactory resolutions. When a dispute is mediated shortly after it arises, the chances of optimal resolution are much greater: the parties’ differences have not had a chance to fester, the situation is generally more fluid, and the parties have more resolution options available to them. Mediated resolutions work better and last longer than authoritatively imposed resolutions because everyone involved buys into them.

The primary goal of workplace mediation is to leave the parties better able to work together. Many disputes arise out of a failure by either party or both parties to communicate, understand or consider the needs and interests of the other. Bringing in a professional mediator is well worth its relatively low cost.

Virtually any difference that arises in the workplace can benefit from mediation but once parties are in a dispute, it is normal for one to reject automatically any suggestion made by the other. If the employer wants to mediate, the employee thinks it must be a bad idea, and vice versa. It is important to generate acceptance of the idea of mediation before a dispute arises in which it will be proposed.

Mediation of workplace disputes is the way of the future. It achieves the most satisfactory, timely and cost-effective resolution of disputes. It is also helpful in creating a collaborative workplace culture. Employers and HR departments interested in discussing how to incorporate these practices into their staff contracts or mediating any active dispute should contact David Gamble Mediation: or by telephone at 0845 2591926 or 07714 290122

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