BS8406:2022 for event staff

BS8406:2020 for event contractors

What is BS8406?

BS8406:2020 is the latest standard for companies that provide staff for events such as festivals, concerts and sporting events.
It specifically covers the processes and procedures you need to undertake to ensure you are giving your customers the very best service.
It is also a very helpful standard for companies that employ stewards and security staff directly as there are some useful policies that are very practical in nature.

BS8406:2020 includes;

Your organisation
Operational planning
Staffing and resourcing
Operational delivery

BS8406:2020 overview video

We’ve produced a very short, high-level video that gives you an overview of what is included in BS8406:2020

BS8406:2020 resources

BS8406:2020 is a fairly complex standard so we’ve produced a variety of different resources to help. 
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Want to know more about BS8406?

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The everything guide to BS8406:2020

Want to know exactly what BS8406 expects from you?
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What is BS8406:2020

Want a more in depth video?
Check out our longer explanation of the standard and what you need to do

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BS8406:2020 blogs

We’ve produced a series of blogs explaining elements of the standard in more detail.
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