BPSS Clearance

BPSS Clearance

BPSS ClearanceBPSS Clearance – Who needs it?

A BPSS clearance check is a legal requirement for UK civil servants, members of UK  armed forces and any government contractors. In addition to this, it is also a requirement for anybody applying for NSV security clearance.

What does BPSS stand for? It stands for  Baseline Personnel Security Standard.

To get BPSS Clearance you will need to undergo a BPSS Check. A BPSS check is a  uk background check that was created to help reduce the risk of illegal workers. Also, it tackles identity fraud. It is seen as a procedure to help protect national security. Individuals cannot apply for  BPSS Clearance on themselves.  Only an employer can apply to have a BPSS check performed.

BPSS Check – What is checked?

There are 4 elements to a BPSS check and candidates must pass all to get their BPSS clearance certificate. The 4 elements are often referred to as RICE.

  • Right to work — We check if candidates are entitled to take up the position as well as check their Nationality and Immigration status.
  • Identity —  Full id check.
  • Criminal records — BPSS is not the same as a DBS but as part of the checks we perform a Basic Disclosure
  • Employment history check — Confirmation of past three years of employment (minimum) history/activity

If candidates have spent 6 months or more overseas in the last 3 years they must declare that as well. We have offices in multiple European countries and can easily perform the required International Criminal Record checks.

BPSS Certificate

On completion of the required checks, a candidate will be deemed to have BPS Security Clearance. At this point, a BPSS Certificate is issued.

BPSS clearance is a legal requirement. It is important you are compliant. Vetting Solutions Centre has the experience and staff to provide BPSS security clearance for your staff that fast and accurate.

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CheckBack International have made the whole process of screening security operatives and employees so much easier and quicker

Ailie Elliott

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Ailie Elliott

CheckBack International have made the whole process of screening security operatives and employees so much easier and quicker
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