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We offer our customers the following international services with excellent turnaround times through our network of international partners who know the law in their country and more importantly they know which checks are available and exactly how to get them. We provide you with all of the forms and guidance to make the process as simple as possible:

See the list of countries and prices available here

  • International Sanctions

a comprehensive check against the International Sanctions Lists to ensure that you are not hiring a person or organization that your company is banned from doing business with

  • International ID Checks

we can verify your applicant’s passport or visa through the use of international databases. If you send us a copy of the signature page we will confirm the MRZ (machine readable zone) at the bottom of the passport matches the candidate details and verify that the data is valid. We can cross check this against ID databases in the UK for further proof

  • International Credit Checks

Not every country offers these checks but the list is growing continually

  • Verify any passport

using a sophisticated scanner that we license to you, it reads the chip in the new passport and ID cards and displays the picture of the person that should be carrying the document even if the photograph has been substituted with a forgery. It also checks the watermark, the UV ink on each page and compares the front cover against all known passport formats from that country

  • Verify ID Cards and Drivers Licenses

checks all known document formats from the country of issue using the Keesing Document Checker. We are the UK agents for this service, it costs less than £250 a year to have secure online access to our International library of passports, visas, drivers licenses. You can compare your applicant’s documents against the library and verify the MRZ on the passport

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