Category: BS8406:2020

Inside 8406:2020 – Organisation structure for event organisers

In the first part of our new series – Inside BS8406 we look at what event organisers need to do to comply with the rules around the provision of staff, security and stewarding for events. Complying with BS8406 gives your customers confidence that you know what you are doing and sets you apart from your…
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What is BS8406:2020?

Whenever you attend a festival or sporting event it can be easy to forget that behind the scenes there is a whole army of people making sure that everyone has a good time and remains safe. For event organisers there are million and one things to think about and so it makes sense that there…
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What background checks do you need for BS8406:2020?

If you are in the business of providing stewards, security and other staff for events then you need to know about BS8406:2020 and a key part of the standard is the provision of staff who have been security checked. In this post we are looking at this part of 8406, what you need to do…
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